Our Values

The team at Consilium Health believe passionately in the power of the collective voice. We bring together a wide range of skills and expertise from across the globe to address the medical and social determinants of health inequalities.

We work to challenge the nexus of ill health, poverty and social injustice.

We understand that complex issues of health and empowerment cannot be addressed through a monochromatic lens. Hence our team combines the skills and paradigms of anthropologists, infectious disease specialists, clinicians, as well as public health and communication specialists.

We  challenge prejudice and injustice through our work and are committed to equality and diversity.

This includes working with hard-to-reach and sometimes stigmatised populations such as:

  • People living with HIV
  • People with disabilities
  • LGBT groups
  • Sex workers
  • Survivors of sexual violence and abuse
  • Children and adolescents who self harm
  • Refugees and asylum seekers

Our goals:

  • gender equality and equity in access to healthcare
  • safety for all children in school
  • ending violence against women
  • ending homophobic bullying
  • addressing LGBT (¬†lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender) needs
  • investing in communities to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse of children